What’s MonteReading?

“You can’t take your company with you when you die, so why let it put you in your grave?”

These prophetic words from mindset expert and author Michael T. Pedersen jolted me to attention when I began to read his recent book, “Dominate Your Market.” His “in your face” communication style lets you know that you’re still alive but have much work left to do. It will positively impact and change your outcomes, improving your work life, career, and need to get better at living.

This easy-to-read book has valuable takeaways in every chapter that you can immediately apply to your goals. After each chapter, I wanted to get on with the next one to see what great advice and counsel would be waiting.

Dominate Your Market is not your average “beat around the bush” politically correct, and explained by neuroscience book. This is a read that will wake you up and make you understand that no one is promised tomorrow, so you had better make the most of today.

I highly recommend, to both men and women, to take a read of this refreshing look at how we can all be better as individuals and within our organizations. It may give you a “jolt” as it did me; however, the clarity you come away with will get you working on where you’re falling short and thanking the author for saying it to you so simply.

200 pages. Here’s a link to buy it on www.Amazon.com: