The Intimate Relationship Between Leadership and Strategy Execution

I believe it’s fair to say that leadership and strategy execution, two completely different disciplines, share an intimate and symbiotic relationship within an organizational context. I think this way because our effectiveness as leaders is often measured by the ability to identify a clear and compelling vision and turn it into actions that get us […]

Wanted: Courageous Leaders

We Lack Courageous Leaders In Business Today So what defines a courageous leader, and how do we know if we are courageous? Leadership courage is best defined as the ability of a leader to act boldly, decisively, and ethically in the face of challenges, uncertainty, and adversity. It involves taking calculated risks, making difficult decisions, […]

Strategic Leadership: It’s Not Just For Leaders Anymore

Not too long ago, there was a day in business when everything revolved around the leadership team. Strategy, planning, decision, and policy-making were all critical activities that happened exclusively at the top for the benefit and consumption of those leaders. And training was no different, primarily focused on leaders alone or leaders going first. That’s […]