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The following brief questions will assess your organization’s strategy execution capabilities. Once completed, the results will identify areas for improvement and potential strategies to target to enhance company performance.

  • Rate each question on a scale of 1-5.
  • 1 indicates “strongly disagree”
  • 5 indicates “strongly agree”
  • Use your gut instinct, and don’t second-guess your answers.


    1. Do you believe your company's strategic objectives align with its operational activities and create consistent results?

    2. Do you feel that you effectively involve and communicate your strategy and priorities to all team members and key stakeholders?

    3. From your perspective, do you annually identify and allocate appropriate resources to support achieving your strategic objectives?

    4. Do you believe you're good at monitoring progress on your strategic objectives and quickly making necessary changes and adjustments?

    5. As a leader, do you encourage cross-functional collaboration and alignment between your people and departments to ensure they understand its importance to your strategy?

    6. Do you believe you handle unexpected changes and disruptions that could impact your ability to execute your strategy confidently?

    7. Are your values and behaviors aligned with your strategic objectives and regularly discussed with team members?

    8. Does your company have an effective rating or measurement framework that allows your people to understand and see the success level of your strategy execution efforts?

    9. Do you effectively engage and motivate your team to support the organization's strategic objectives?

    10. Does your company actively work at continuous improvement and learning, enabling it to use prior year results to enhance its ability to execute future strategy?

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    Find Your Results: If you scored:

    50-45 Congratulations, you’re in the top 2% of all operating organizations in managing the execution of their business.

    44-38 You do a solid job managing the execution of your business and could benefit from some additional insights and practices.

    37-30 Everything seems to come together at the end of the year, although you’re uncertain how that happens.

    29-20 Daily fires and routine disruptions become your priorities, causing us to abandon your strategy efforts and intentions.

    19-10 You hope and pray daily that you get through another day and that your team members are not seeking opportunities with other companies.