Executive Coaching

It doesn’t matter where you’re at in your career or professional journey. Having an experienced coach, an additional perspective, someone who will tell you the truth and provide you with the support you need to get to your career and life goals has been proven to be invaluable. From Monte, you can expect a knowledgeable resource who listens and cares. He lives his values everyday and leads from a truly human perspective, consciously working and choosing to grow better leaders.

Strategy Execution Management

Teaching organizations how to execute better is what fuels Monte’s engine. He loves leading teams to the results that they know they’re capable of achieving. He is certified and trained in the KeyneLink Performance Agreement framework and he excels at creating an agile execution discipline in every organization he works with.

Failing or falling short of your annual strategic initiatives should not be acceptable to you or anyone else on your team. People not knowing their roles and responsibilities should never happen. Being accountable to the organization, its strategic objectives, and the people on the team is not negotiable. Getting to your needed results and having the full attention and participation of EVERYONE on your team, is key to making strategy execution a business core competency. Immediately begin to learn and start focusing on how you can grow, and improve your business, leaving the daily fires and normal disruptions behind.

Speaking Engagements

Need someone to fire up and motivate your team? Bring Monte to town for your next meeting or public gathering. An accomplished speaker who mixes a wry wit with great humor, Monte will customize his presentation to fit your meeting theme or focus and deliver memorable key messages.

Don’t know what you need or what you are looking for? Book a free thirty-minute discussion with Monte. If he can help, that’s great. If not he will do his best to reference other resources and provide directional guidance that potentially can.