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Building The Best

Author - John Eades

Forget about the fact that John Eades is one of the most listened to authority’s and contemporary speakers on the subject of leadership today. Forget that he’s creating a world-class leadership and training development company at Learn Loft.

His first book, “Building the Best” published in 2020 needs to be an essential reference for any leader or manager in any workplace. In everything John does he prides himself and his team on providing premium content. Research backed information and data that is usable and applicable from the moment its first read.

I’ve read this excellent work twice since I bought in 2020 and can see the beginnings of the wear and tear from continually referencing it.

If you’re a new leader, seasoned middle manager, or accomplished senior executive you can count on gaining benefit from reading this book. There is something for every leader, most told in story format from interviews John conducted himself or shared stories from notable people in history.

Building the Best is a solid investment in continuous learning and improvement, one that will continue to have a “return on investment” long after you the initial purchase.     

224 pages. Here’s a link to find and purchase “Building the Best”  on

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