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Are you tired of waiting on your career aspirations or, worse yet, for your company to provide you the training necessary to fully develop your leadership skills? How would you like to become skilled at managing execution and learn how to get better at achieving results, every year?

If your answer is “YES”, I’ve got great news for you!

I’m offering our very first online, livetraining course that I’m calling,“Executing with Impact: Practical Applications for Emerging Leaders.” This will be an eye-opening, four-week online, live, interactive course that will help you to discover and learn how to execute effectively and enhance your leadership skills at the same time.
“Executing with Impact” will change how you think about, act, and understand leadership.

Why Leadership and Execution Matter

The leadership superpower of our day is the ability to execute your personal and organizational priorities and lead people effectively. When you master these capabilities, you position yourself for long-term, sustainable job and career success.

Here are the main challenges I see with leadership:

    • Frustration: Are you struggling to lead your team with confidence? Our exclusive course will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to build adaptable leadership skills that will help you to inspire and elevate those on your team.
    • Inability to Execute: Execution is the most misunderstood concept in business today. This course will provide proven applications and techniques that will have you achieving and connecting your people to results consistently.
    • Lacking courage:As leaders and managers, we must exert a level of influence and demonstrate commitment to those in our sphere of influence. Strong leaders must be able to make a decision and stand by it, especially during periods of growth and change.

After completingmy course “Executing with Impact”, you will…

  1. Become known as someone who delivers results: When we are committed and know how to focus on the right priorities, people come to us and want us on point. Leaders who consistently deliver results get the best assignments, work with higher profile account and clients, and are called to help others learn to do the same.
  1. Communicate with confidence: Communication supports almost every other skill required for leadership and management. Leaders continually develop and refine a wide range of skills that allow them to adapt to every situation or challenge.
  1. Manage execution: Transform this vague notion of execution into a skill that will make you realize how critical “getting things done” is to individual and organizational success.
  1. Create a high-performance culture: Engage your people on an individual level by provide clarity and setting expectationswith your people. Collaboratively develop accurate job responsibilities whilekeeping a focus on goals that will drive the success of your department or entire organization.
  2. Join a Dynamic Network of Like-minded Professionals: Immerse yourself in our exclusive online community, where you can network, exchange valuable insights, and foster collaborations that extend far beyond our four-week journey.

Only 10 spots are being offered as I want to work directly with each of you.

Enroll Now and Get on a Path to harness your competitive advantage! Take the first step towards becoming the leader you know you can be. Act now to secure your exclusive spot in this “first of its kind” transformative learning experience.
The regret that comes with the failure to act on personal improvement can have its consequences: missed opportunity, heightened stress and anxiety, negative repercussions, and a feeling of hopelessness.

Become a member of the first cohort of this exclusive class

“Executing with Impact” for only $250

As an added bonus,participants who complete the course, will receive one-hour of guided discoverywith Monte, absolutely free!
Enroll Now and embark on your personal journey to leadership and execution excellence.
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If you’re not yet convinced of the value this course will bring to you, your current role, and career
aspirations, check out the coursedescription and agenda below:

Executing with Impact: Practical Applications for Emerging Leaders

4 Week Course Agenda

All sessions will be one hour in length except week I which will be 90 minutes.

Course Description:

In a world where change is constant and uncertainty is the new norm, true leadership shines brightest when it embraces courage and executes with flawless precision. Join us for an invigorating four-week journey that will transform you into a courageous leader capable of inspiring others and achieving impeccable execution.

Imagine being that future leader who fearlessly tackles challenges, drives innovation, and achieves remarkable results. These leaders don’t just dream big; they turn those dreams into reality by creating practical goals, inspiring their teams with a clear sense of purpose and direction. This is the kind of leader you’ll become through this course – one ready to thrive in an increasingly complex and technologically driven world.

Week I: Introduction, The Elements for Becoming an Execution-Focused Leader

  1. Leadership is a Community Effort-Let’s Meet the Cohort

Personal Introductions

  1. Tell Us About You and What You want to Accomplish in Taking This Course
  2. Group Discussion around the concept of “Execution”


  1. How Do I Know That Execution is What I Should Be Focused On?

Viewing Execution from Two Perspectives

  1. Individual Execution Excellence
  2. Organizational Execution Excellence
    1. Execution by the Numbers

The Importance of Clarity and Speaking a Common Language

  1. Hand Out—Initiatives, Goals, and Tasks
  2. Leadership Through the Lens of Execution

The Three Elements of (Individual) Execution Excellence

  1. Technical Skills
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Transferable Skills

Quick Recap—What have we learned? (Group Discussion)

Week II: Foundational Elements of Execution—What Defines Success for you as an individual and the organization you work for?
  1. Mission and Vision
  2. Core Values and Behaviors (handout: How to be a Principled Leader)
  3. Annual Strategic Initiatives
  4. Job Responsibilities, Goals and Tasks
  5. Job Performance and Progress Measurement
Week III: How to Connect Strategy to Operations to your People
  1. Executing as a Team
  2. Collaboration
  1. Execution as a Gauge for Leading Performance
    1. Performance Management is Not Execution Management
    2. Performance Appraisals and Reviews
    3. The Annual Cycle of Managing and Leading Execution
    4. Leadership and Execution Skillsare Perishable
Week IV: How Leadership and ExecutionCome Together Strategically
  1. Program Recap and its Practical Application to the Workplace
  2. My Role as a Courageous Leader and Flawless Executor
  3. Program Q and A Session
  4. Coaching Follow-Up

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