Got Continuous Improvement?

There may be no better investment than when we take the time to do something to help ourselves. When we invest time in getting better at something, we create the ability to improve continuously. For most of us, it’s about proactively enhancing our skills and knowledge or supporting our overall mental and physical well-being. Whether […]

The Impact of Execution on Company Culture

You may or may not have heard the expression “company culture is what makes us, us.”¬† While purposely simple and somewhat vague, it is an amazingly accurate descriptor. It shapes how our team members work together, how their attitudes fit in with their jobs, and contributes to a company’s overall success. While many factors influence […]

Strategic Structure: Communicating to Execute

A company’s strategy might be its North Star guiding its aspirations. Still, without the solid foundation of an adept organizational framework and effective communication processes, even the brightest star in the sky can become cloudy and remain unseen or unrealized. Just as a symphony conductor relies on harmonious orchestration from talented musicians and their instruments, […]

You Can’t Manage People Through a Job Description

The job description has long been the cornerstone of traditional Human Resource practices, serving as an essential document to outline roles, responsibilities, and qualifications for personnel in almost every business. While they offer a clear framework for defining job roles and should remain an important source document for employees, there is a growing understanding that […]

Failure Speak

No one in senior leadership wants to explain to their stakeholders why they either fell short or failed to achieve the organization’s strategic plan. The dreaded speech that no one likes to give, I call “Failure Speak,” comes in a variety of forms and typically goes something like this: When we came close to achieving¬† […]

Wanted: Courageous Leaders

We Lack Courageous Leaders In Business Today So what defines a courageous leader, and how do we know if we are courageous? Leadership courage is best defined as the ability of a leader to act boldly, decisively, and ethically in the face of challenges, uncertainty, and adversity. It involves taking calculated risks, making difficult decisions, […]