About Monte

"Every day trying to be a better human"

I am an avid reader, golfer, fitness geek, and above-average cook who knows his way around a kitchen. 

As an advocate for truly human leadership, I’m one person who believes that business can be the greatest economic force for good on the planet. Business owners and senior executives hire me to help them achieve the outcomes they need for their organizations while supporting and helping their team members to prosper and do well for their lives and families.

Strategy execution is a core competency in every organization we work with. We do this by working closely with your team, aligning their daily tasks and activities with your strategic objectives, and teaching them how to make this a part of how they manage each day. Nothing gives me more pleasure and a feeling of gratitude than seeing people experience success in what they do.

My greatest strength is my ability to connect positively with your people. I will do this with anyone on your team, on any level, at any time.

When you work with me, you get to the results. Our goal will always be to place your business in the top 2% of all companies using strategy execution.

If this is something you would like to see happen for your business, contact us today.

The Challenge

Most business cultures do not effectively align with the strategic initiatives of the company. Leadership in these organizations find themselves driven more by metrics, mostly financial and operational causing them to focus and act solely on numbers.

This is what makes changing culture so difficult. Senior executives worry the business results will suffer should they choose to actually reinforce and emphasize a more positive culture within the company.

​​What they don’t realize is that cultural change is a practical process that is strongly based in business results.

Unless every member of the team has a transparent view and understanding of the company balance sheet and financial statements, they are disconnected from anything strategic in the organization.

As a result, the culture suffers because people are conditioned to compete and deliver on metrics alone. This creates a huge opportunity cost to the development of personnel.